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I like being wanted. Hot guys? Yes, please. And the more the merrier. I'm not a one-man woman—and it’s not like I keep that a secret.

Then I meet Carson Moon.

He’s goofy. He’s intense. He’s gorgeous. And he says he’s not looking for a hookup—he’s looking for me.

Oh, please. He knows I’m not that kind of girl. It’s sweet that he tries—but I don’t like to be tied down. Unless you’re actually tying me down.

And that’s when Zo comes into the picture. He’s just as intense as Carson, but he knows what I need. He knows I’m a bad girl, and he treats me like one. Zo isn’t sweet and gentle—he’s rough and dirty, and he forces me to feel everything I wasn’t getting with Carson. It’s everything I want.

Isn’t it? 

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