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Book 2 Haruki Arima Triology





Money. Kid. Fiancé.
Never thought I'd have any of them.

Six years ago, a careless mistake ended up giving me the greatest gift of all—my son. For Max, I abandoned my reckless, dark ways and embraced adulthood, fully intent on getting a promotion and securing a life for both of us.

I thought that's all I needed until Summer came into our lives and showed me what I was missing. Apparently everything, because I can't imagine my life without her.

Summer's come a long way from the vulnerable, naive, misguided girl I first met, but her mother doesn’t see that. Hell-bent on ruining the happiest moment of her daughter’s life, she takes every opportunity to diminish my girl’s strength, cutting her down with vicious words and cruel actions.

I wonder what it’s really about. Is she just a vindictive woman or is there something deeper here?

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